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A UK Critical illness cover policy  is insurance cover that offers protection against contracting a critical illness, it is designed to protect you or your dependents against financial difficulties and will pay a benefit on contracting one of the defined Critical Illnesses stated on your policy. Critical illness policies will pay either a tax free lump sum benefit or a regular benefit if you are diagnosed as having a critical illness and live beyond a survival period stated within the key features document. We have compiled this web site to give you an idea of selecting the correct critical illness cover for your needs, please read through the different sections and do not hesitate to contact us with any queries or questions you may have . You are able to obtain a no obligation online critical illness cover quote from our online insurance quote facility this will provide you with quotes from the leading UK providers of critical illness cover. Although Critical Illness Insurance Cost is often higher than UK life insurance the chances of contracting a critical illness rather than dying are greater and with the advance of medical expertise more people are surviving and living for longer after contracting a critical illness. If you or your family are likely to suffer financial hardship as a result of contracting a critical illness you should consider arranging protection that will protect your financial well-being.

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Critical Illness Cover Quote - How to obtain an online quote.

Critical Illness Policy Comparisons - A section to help you find the differences between different UK critical illness cover plans.

Critical Illnesses - This will give you an idea of the common illnesses included in most plans.

Critical Illness Insurance Cost - A general overview of factors that may increase or decrease your insurance premiums.

Critical Illness Cover Exclusions - Some of the more common exclusions which may prevent your benefit from being paid.

Additional Benefits - Within your critical illness insurance there may be additional benefits , this section will outline the more common types.

Critical Illness Cover Choices - The different types of plan

Critical Illness Cover Claims


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Assetguard are able to offer protection policies from a number of UK critical illness insurance  providers and because we derive our income from commission payments we are able to sacrifice some of this to provide you with competitive premiums. For more information on Assetguard including about us and other insurance cover available  please visit

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We can supply you with any information that you require , we can explain the different critical illness cover policies available to you , we can answer any queries or questions you may have and we can supply you with a competitive online UK Critical Illness Cover Quote.  All our services are without obligation and there is no additional  charge for this.

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